We change lives by bringing affordable housing to under-served neighborhoods.


A September 2013 study by the MacArthur Foundation concluded that “poor housing quality is the most consistent and strongest predictor of emotional and behavioral problems in low-income children and youth…” Additionally, housing instability leading to increased student mobility negatively impacts a child’s achievement level in school. A University of Chicago, “Patterns of Urban Student Mobility and Local School Reform,” report noted higher poverty levels associate with a higher likelihood children will move between schools. The same study found that 58% of school changes were associated with a residential change. In order to effectively address emotional, behavioral, educational and health issues low-income children and families present the housing issue must be addressed. Affordable, safe and decent stable housing must be made available to low income families. Furthermore, existing affordable housing stock must be maintained well to provide long-term stability for low income families. 


This is why Allen Temple CEDC exists. 


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