Success Story Videos


Allen Temple Community Economic Development Corporation provides affordable, safe and decent rental housing to families with low income in Greenville and Pickens Counties. Shelter is most basic need. housing insecurity affects all parts of your life. Physical,mental, fiscal and family health all suffer when a family's housing is insecure or in some cases non-existent. Allen Temple CEDC strives to provide affordable, safe, decent and stable housing to families and individuals who are in a low-income situation. 

We will be releasing one success story video per week beginning November 17th. We hope these videos will showcase just how important affordable, safe and decent rental housing is and more importantly what it means to our families. Enjoy!


Success Stories: Preview


Success Stories: #1 - Douglas


Success Stories: #2 - Ernestine


Success Stories: #3 - Darlene


Success Stories: 4 - Diane and her son