Do I Qualify?


Qualifying for our programs are mostly about your household income. This takes into account how many individuals live in your home and all possible streams of income. 

Income sources include but are not limited to:

  1. Employment or Wages
  2. income from a business
  3. Social Security
  4. Disability
  5. AFDC 
  6. Unemployment Benefits
  7. Worker's Compensation
  8. Court Order Child Support
  9. Alimony
  10. Death Benefits
  11. Pension Benefits
  12. Retirement Benefits
  13. Educational Grants
  14. Veteran's Administration
  15. Armed Forces
  16. Scholarships
  17. Caretaking of Children or Elderly
  18. Payments from Insurance Policies

You may also have income from assets like savings accounts which must be considered. Once all the sources of income are considered then the gross dollar amount is calculated. If that calculation is below the appropriate percentage of area median income (AMI) then you could qualify for an Allen Temple CEDC program.

Please reference the income limit table below. 

Example: If your household has 3 people in it and the total annual income for all members of the household and from all sources is $24,200 then you would look down the "3" column and locate which income limit category your income is below. In this example your would qualify at 50% AMI.